Renovating an Older Home

There’s nothing more rewarding than personalizing and renovating an older home! In addition to the savings you realize when you invest in an older home versus newer architecture, there are many aesthetic benefits of buying a historic home.

Researching your home’s ownership is fun and interesting for the whole family. You can use period-appropriate interior decor and replicate the exterior and interior colors of paint used in that era.

In most suburban developments, you can close your eyes and see the interior of any neighbour’s home; after all, it’s the same layout as your home. A historic home has a design all its own, with nooks and crannies and under-the-stairs hideaways that you can customize and re-purpose.

Older homes are usually located in the heart of downtown, the area commuters are commuting to, making those neighborhoods a good investment. Once they begin trending, the demand for homes in urban neighbourhoods drive prices higher.

Older, historic homes are traditionally better-built; the integrity of construction and materials used are often superior and more sustainable by today’s standards. But older, two- and three-storied homes tend to be drafty, with insufficient insulation. If you attended this year’s Heritage House Tour, you probably got some terrific, energy-conservation ideas for your older home, including double pane windows using Low-E glass.

Double Pane Low-E Windows

You can install Low-E glass double pane windows without compromising the integrity of your historic home’s architecture, and may even qualify for an ENERGY STAR® rebate. Using a Low-E storm window can reduce the amount of heat lost through the window. That is a substantial reduction in heat loss that will lower your heating costs, making double pane windows one of your best investments!

If your home’s windows have the kind of quality wood frames no longer found these days, Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver can install double pane windows in your existing frames. These insulated glass units (IGUs) will stabilize your home’s air temperature and increase your family’s comfort level during colder winter months. In warmer months when allergens and molds cause health problems, Low-E double pane windows can more effectively block unwanted and unhealthy air pollutants from entering your home.

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