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5 Reasons to Replace Your Home's Windows

Even if your old windows aren’t looking or performing their best, you might be tempted to delay having them replaced. Don’t wait, upgrading your windows will let you reap five substantial benefits:

1. Greater comfort

New double pane windows will help increase your comfort, no matter what the season. Your home will have greater insulation against outside temperature extremes, without cold or drafty areas that are common in many homes.

2. Greater protection

Broken or damaged seals and panes make your home less secure from intruders. Burglars may notice broken panes and deem it an easy entrance. Insects can work their way through window cracks and into your home. Window glass repair or replacement may be less expensive than you think. Our team may be able to replace the panes rather than the entire window.

3. Energy savings

Old single pane windows don’t offer much protection from outside temperatures. New double pane windows help reduce energy costs, which result in repeated savings month after month. Especially in colder climates, windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and gas in between the panes help reduce heat loss.

4. Better curb appeal

Outdated, damaged or mismatched windows don’t give your home much curb appeal. You and your visitors will see them every time you’re outside or are arriving back home. Window glass repair or replacement will give your home instantly increased curb appeal.

5. More peace and quiet

Double pane windows don’t just protect your home from outside temperatures. They also reduce the amount of outside noise pollution that reaches inside your home. Whether you have noisy neighbours or live near a busy road or airport, new windows will help restore much-needed peace and quiet to your home.

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