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Door Closer Repair Service

Solid customer service is paramount no matter the industry your business represents. Outstanding customer service starts with great looking glass and a door that correctly works. When your doors aren't working as they should, it leaves a poor impression and poses a safety risk. Glass Doctor®of Norristown, PA provides manual door closer repair and maintenance services for all types of businesses. We will restore your doors, ensuring your clients may easily enter and exit your establishment.

How Door Closers Work

When a manual door closer is working correctly, the door will open easily and close without help. A properly installed door closer will provide some resistance as the user opens the door. After the resistance passes, the door will slide open. When resistance stops, a spring inside the door closer shuts the door gently. Returning the door to the frame reseals your business, which affects the energy efficiency and security of your building.

Door Closer Repair

The warranty for you door closer could be inadvertently voided if an untrained individual attempts repairs. Our specialists are trained to provide door closer repair and maintenance services. We are familiar with a variety of common door closer issues. We will determine the cause of your door closer problems and restore the frame, door and closer.

Incorrect closer: Heavy doors need heavy-duty door closers with robust springs. If a wrong door closer is installed, it can lead to a host of issues. An incorrect door closer leads to safety hazards and misalignments. It can also cause damage to the door itself.

Improperly installed or serviced closer: The specialists at Glass Doctor of Norristown, PA have the expertise needed to install and maintain commercial door closers. Relying on a professional to install and maintain your door closers will maximize their lifespan and keep them in good working condition. A well-installed door closer and regularly adjusted spring will prevent damage to the doorframe. It will also prevent abnormal door movements and misalignments from occurring.

Cracked seals and low oil levels: A broken seal exposes clearance gaps, leaves door hardware vulnerable and may lead to lubricant leaks. An oil leak usually indicates some mechanical problem with the door closer. This issue could be the result of a missing screw, a failed seal or broken O-rings. A lack of lubrication leads to doors that open or close too quickly, causing danger to users and the door itself.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Count on our trained specialists to deliver expert repairs. Our services extend to glass repair, window and door component repair, and emergency care. Contact Glass Doctor of Norristown, PA to learn more about our door closer repair and commercial glass maintenance services. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the various services that will benefit your business!