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Double Pane Windows

Buildings in Oak Harbor and this area of the U.S. are built tough out of necessity because they are exposed to extreme weather and temperature changes. Over time, this kind of treatment takes its toll on exterior doors and windows. Windows are the primary source of temperature exchange, so you want the best insulated glass units (IGUs) and seals to keep climate-controlled air inside and drafty nature-affected air outside.

Glass Doctor® of Island County recommends you balance your interior climate with insulated glass. Over time, homes and offices, even with double pane windows, develop leaky or broken seals. If your windows have a milky appearance or condensation in places, your panes may have a problem.

Invest in the future

double pane window

Your home is probably your greatest investment. It makes sense to protect your home, and it also makes sense to safeguard our environment by reducing energy consumption. Install low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to cut energy costs; emissivity measures infrared energy emission. You can welcome the sunshine into your rooms when you install Low-E glass and protect you and your family from dangerous UV rays.

Here’s how it works: Low-E glass solutions reflect the heat back into the room and lets the home benefit from solar energy. As heating and cooling costs continue to rise, an investment in thermal glass today saves money tomorrow. And double-glazing cuts energy loss in half while reducing greenhouse emissions.

How it works

An insulated glass unit is comprised of two or more pieces of glass and an insulating spacer that separates the panes of glass and seals the space between them. Spacers may have a special moisture-absorbing material called a desiccant, or use a warm-edge glass spacer. Warm-edge spacers have many designs, but the most effective are made from polymers with low metal content. To provide additional insulation, the unit can be injected with argon or krypton gas to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes.

Insulated glass benefits

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for energy savings. IGUs help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home so that your heating, ventilation and HVAC system will run even more efficiently. Glass Doctor of Island County specializes in insulated window glass replacement. You don’t always have to replace the entire window, so the replacements in your existing frames may cost less than you think

Glass Doctor of Island County offers glass repair, replacement or installation to the cities of Oak Harbor, Coupeville and Greenbank. Our glass pros help homeowners update and upgrade their windows and doors, lowering energy costs by utilizing existing light.

Our company offers quick, affordable glass services and our onsite consultation is free, so why wait? Call Glass Doctor of Island County at 360-639-8107 contact us for more information.

Breaking glass doesn’t have to hurt. At Glass Doctor of Island County, we fix your panes!®

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