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Advance Measurement System

Your business should always be prepared for glass breakage. To help you prepare for the worst, Glass Doctor® of Island County provides our Advanced Measurement system to meet your proactive commercial glass care needs.

How Our System Works

Our glass specialists will survey your building and measure all glass in doors, windows and other fixtures. We'll record the dimensions of the glass and its type, and we'll make a special note of any safety glass code requirements. With that information, we'll create a numbered diagram of your facility. When you glass breaks, reference the diagram to speed replacement service.

Proactive Commercial Glass Care

Call us when your glass breaks, day or night, and give us the number from the diagram that corresponds with your business' broken pane. We'll match the glass with what we have in-stock, and if we have glass that matches your needs, then we'll replace the pane in one visit. This saves you time and money, and prevents a lengthy repair. If certain panes break frequently, ask about our in-stock program. We'll pre-order glass so we have it ready whenever you need it.

Advance Measurement Benefits

Our Advance Measurement System saves you time, because we'll complete your installation in one trip. Your everyday business operations will be uninterrupted.

You'll pre-establish your credit with us when you sign up for the program, which will avoid potential billing conflicts. Your building will look better in the event of breakage because you'll have eliminated the need for a board-up, and you'll also reduce the risk of vandalism, theft and customer injury.

Don't wait for disaster! Contact us today and take the first step toward protecting your business' glass.