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Clear Choice Protectant

Imagine only needing to spend a couple of minutes to clean glass and other hard surfaces in your home instead of scrubbing them for hours. Glass Doctor® of Northwest Florida turns this dream into reality with the Clear Choice. The proprietary glass treatment creates an invisible protective barrier that makes it difficult for water, minerals, pollutants, oil and other contaminants to adhere to and build up on silica-based surfaces in your home, including shower glass, sinks, toilets, stone countertops, windows and tile. Because contaminants and residue don't stick to treated surfaces, you spend less time cleaning them. A single application lasts up to five years, giving you more time spend enjoying life rather than cleaning.

Ditch Chemical Cleaners

From showering to drinking to cleaning, water is a necessary element in your life. The minerals, pollutants and acids sometimes found in water also make it destructive when they bond to glass and other hard surfaces. The results can include etching, scratches, unsightly buildups and cloudiness. While you can use strong chemicals to clean your surfaces, the cost and effort make this an unattractive option. Clear Choice is a more effective, practical solution for your home, auto glass and office. The glass treatment is eco-friendly and prevents the need to use harsh chemicals to clean hard surfaces.

Clear Choice Advantages

While the solution does offer impressive environmental and cleaning benefits benefits, the best reason to add Clear Choice to your fixtures is its protective qualities. Pieces with clear choice will withstand the affects weathering, etching, stains and mineral buildups better than untreated surfaces. Any treated surface will resist scratches, so daily wear and tear is no longer a concern. We know the best way to protect and preserve your delicate furnishings is with a treatment of Clear Choice.

Applying Clear Choice

To achieve the best results, a glass specialist from Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida will always apply Clear Choice to the surfaces you wish to treat. We will protect your home and teach you how the best methods of upkeep once the solution is applied. During a service call you can expect our specialist to:

  • Use drop cloths or towels to protect the work area
  • Clean, rinse and dry the respective surface to prepare it for the first coat
  • Test the surface to make sure it is clean and ready for the glass treatment
  • Apply the first Clear Choice coat
  • Test the first coat's effectiveness
  • Apply a second coat of Clear Choice
  • Clean the treated surface and work area
  • Teach you how to maintain and clean the surface


Preserving the beauty of the hard surfaces in your home is more simple than ever with Clear Choice. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation and learn more.