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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

With the right custom glass decor, you can instantly take the design of your room to the next level. Glass has a unique beauty that cannot be mimicked by any other material. Glass Doctor® of Newport News will provide you with every piece of custom glass decor that you need to perfect your room's style.

Custom Glass Tabletops

A table is often the centerpiece of a room's design. If your table's design isn't quite what you want, you don't have to replace it. A beautifully crafted glass tabletop will enhance your table's appearance dramatically. In addition, a glass tabletop will bear the brunt of the wear and tear that your table normally faces, extending the life of your table. Glass Doctor of Newport News will provide you with a custom glass tabletop that perfectly suits your style.

Benefit from Our Design Expertise

There is a myriad of styles and features that you can choose from for your glass tabletop. Our glass specialists will use their design expertise to guide you to the perfect style for your table. We will help you make the best possible choices for your tabletop's thickness, edgework detail and tint. We will also allay your safety concerns. For example, our experts will make sure that your glass tabletop is not too heavy for the table that it sits on. If you are concerned about glass breaking, we install tempered and laminated glass, which minimizes the safety hazards of a broken pane. The custom glass tabletop you receive from Glass Doctor of Newport News will be crafted with exacting detail. There won't be another one quite like it.

Custom Glass Shelving

This type of custom glass decor will enhance the style of your room, while also maximizing the utilitarian value of its vertical space. Your room will instantly be less cluttered when you use your glass shelving because you can beautifully arrange items on them. Our glass design specialists will guide you to the best glass shelving style, design and arrangement for your room. We will make sure that you get a beautiful array of glass shelves that provide both form and function without overwhelming the room's space.

Glass Tinting

We offer you tinted glass for your custom glass decor, choose from a wide variety of colors and shades. In addition to giving you additional style options, tinted glass also offers you some added protection. A tinted glass tabletop will prevent the sun's harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture.

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Our team of glass specialists will provide you with the perfect custom glass solution for your home's style, function and safety. Speak with our specialists today to schedule your free consultation.