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Custom Glass Solutions

When most people think about glass they envision windows, windshields or showers. Use glass to create a custom look in your home, too! Glass Doctor® of Newport News offers customizable glass solutions to elevate your interior decor to the next level. Our glass specialists create custom tabletops, mirrors, patio doors, shelving and specialty panes.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Create backdrops and fluid designs with the use of glass. If you have a table base or need to replace an existing tabletop, our experts will help you customize the ideal glass decor solution. We’ll walk you through a variety of glass design options, including cut, shape, size, edging and tints. Don’t weigh down your limited dining space with a heavy tabletop. Instead, add an elegant, modern touch with glass. Laminated and tempered glass is available for homes with children and pets.

Walk into any museum and you’ll see an array of glass displays. Glass shelving let’s light shine from every angle and doesn’t take away from your main focal point. Bring the same element into your home by retrofitting your existing shelving with glass shelves. It’s the ultimate way to display your art.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are used to add the illusion of space, spread light more evenly throughout a room and add a decorative touch. Glass Doctor of Newport News will cut and install mirrors in any room. Go frameless and fit a favorite frame or utilize a custom mirror in a hard-to-fit area.

Patio and French Doors

Let our team of specialists handle every facet of your glass doors. We’ll restore and replace dated or damaged glass and renovate your entries and update your home. We can upgrade doorlites and add matching side windows to complete the look. Glass Doctor offers an array of specialty window inserts, including:

  • Weather-rated glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Energy efficient glass

Low-E Glass

When choosing your custom glass decor, consider investing in Low-E glass windows as well. Low-E windows benefit your home in many ways. They increase the value and protect your interior furnishings, floors and fabrics by shielding them from harmful UV rays. Low-E windows can also reduce energy costs by acting as an additional efficiency barrier that allows light in while deflecting heat.

In-Home Consultations

An experienced team member will make an appointment to visit and discuss your custom glass decor. We’ll cover safety, thickness, tints, edgework, decorative options and Low-E (low-emissivity) glass. Show us your ideas and we’ll do our best to fulfill your design dreams. Glass Doctor of Newport News is partnered with many vendors to give you the most options and designs in the quickest timeframe possible.

Glass Doctor of Newport News is the answer for all your custom glass decor, window and glass door needs. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation and improve your home, contact our team today.