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Clear Choice Protectant

From windows to customized glass-topped tables to stylish cabinets, glass is a prominent feature in any Newport News home. The proper care and maintenance of glass and other interior surfaces are essential parts of home ownership. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Newport News understand the pride homeowners take in their properties, which is why we offer you the option of enhancing and protecting various surfaces in your home with an application of our patented Clear ChoiceTM Glass Protectant. Our glass treatment shields surfaces from damage while cutting down on maintenance efforts.

Protect Your Investment

The beauty of glass shower doors or a granite countertop will quickly fade from daily use unless the surfaces are protected. Clear Choice glass treatment is a patented technology that ensures all types of surfaces are easier to clean by making them more water and oil repellent. The less water and oil adhering to a surface, the less chance of retaining the contaminants that make surfaces spotted and unattractive. While many materials, such as glass, granite and tile, appear to have a smooth surface, they all contain minute imperfections invisible to the naked eye. By filling in those tiny fissures with an application of Clear Choice, each surface becomes more smooth and resistant to impacts, stains, scratches and weather damage, enhancing an already impressive appearance.

Benefits of Clear Choice

The glass treatment specialists at Glass Doctor of Newport News will create a surface that repels all liquids and the minerals they can leave behind even after cleaning. Imagine being able to refresh your glass shower doors by simply wiping it down with a clean towel. In addition, our protectant makes cleaning far more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need for using harsh chemical cleaners. The Clear Choice protectant system is professionally applied by our glass and surface experts following a personalized, in-home consultation. A single application creates a protective barrier on a wide range surfaces that will provide unmatched protection for up to five years. Consider the benefits Clear Choice would bring to your home or office:

  • Clear Choice is 100% transparent
  • It reduces cleaning time and effort
  • It resists impacts, stains and scratches
  • An application adds amore brilliance to surfaces
  • Clear Choice is more water repellent than other protective coatings
  • It completely eliminates the use of harsh cleaners or chemicals

Call the glass treatment experts at Glass Doctor of Newport News for an on-site consultation and the opportunity to keep the surfaces in your home or business protected and beautiful for up to five years with one treatment.