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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Your safety and satisfaction mean the world to us, so we don't stop our automotive glass care after the initial installation service. At Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, every windshield we install is protected by our G12®Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee.

What's Protected

Our windshield replacement guarantee is good for the first 12 months. After installation, you'll have a full year to report any windshield damage caused by normal road hazards. Whether it needs repairs or a full replacement, we'll cover the cost of glass and act fast to get you back on the road.

If you move during that first year, or your windshield is damaged on a road trip, you're still covered. You may receive your windshield replacement service from any Glass Doctor shop in Canada or the United States. As long as you report your claim directly to the original Glass Doctor that provided the G12 coverage, you'll be reimbursed for the full cost of the glass.


Our windshield replacement guarantee is designed to be as comprehensive and convenient as possible, but some exceptions still apply. Unfortunately, you won't qualify for coverage if your windshield was damaged by a sudden natural disaster, a traffic collision or an intentional act of malice. We don't cover the cost of labour, moulding, clips or the windshield kit. Customers have the option to upgrade to our G12 Future Installation Option to cover these items.

Our guarantee packages are limited to certain vehicles. If you have a motorcoach or bus that falls into Class A, or a heavy duty truck that falls into Class 7 or 8, your replacement service will not include a guarantee.

Extra Protection

If you prefer a more comprehensive plan, opt for our G12 Value Package. For an additional fee, your windshield protection includes future installation labour and supplies, wiper blades and a coat of Clear Choice™ glass protectant.

Trust our team to care for your vehicle to the greatest extend. Schedule your windshield repair or replacement service today!

Some exclusions may apply.