Windshield Care During Summer

From windshield replacements to windshield repairs Glass Doctor of Newmarket has you covered.

The hot summer temperatures lead many of us to crank up the air-conditioning inside the car to stay comfortable. The trouble is that the warmer it is outside, the more we blast the air. The heat on one side of the glass and the cold on the other puts stress on your glass and cause small cracks and chips to start spreading. Before long, small problems turn into major headaches. 

Beat the Heat with Auto Glass Repair

Glass Doctor® of Newmarket knows you want to stay cool in the summer without risking your safety. Our expert windshield chip repair service will get your windshield looking like new again, so you are back on the road and enjoying your summer fast. 

Protecting Your Windshield

If you want to keep your auto glass in top shape for the season, follow these expert tips:

  1. Timely repair. Even if you only have tiny spots of damage, bring your vehicle in for our windshield chip repair service right away. We offer same day appointments, and most repairs are done in less than an hour.
  2. Keep it cool. Don't park your car in direct sunlight with the windows rolled up tightly. The increased pressure from the heat will cause small cracks and chips to expand. Park in the shade or keep a window slightly open to ease the pressure.
  3. Easy on the AC. If you have a damaged windshield, don't blast the air conditioning. Roll down the windows for some fresh air until you are able to get your windshield repaired.
  4. Clean a cool car. If your car has been baking in the sun, running cold water from the hose on it will cause cracks and chips to grow. Park your car in the shade for a couple hours first, or wait until after sunset to wash. 
  5. Close Carefully. Slamming car doors causes a sudden change of pressure inside the vehicle and makes damaged windshields worse. Instead, close doors gently.

Fast Windshield Chip Repair

Glass Doctor of Newmarket provides fast, courteous care for your auto glass all year long. Our specialists are highly trained to get the job done efficiently so you can be on your way quickly. Call us at 289-470-5351 or schedule an appointment online today!