Window Allergies

preventing window allergies

Spring means beautiful blooming flowers, warm weather and, for many, unpleasant allergy symptoms. Both mould and pollen are the most notorious culprits of springtime allergies. To remain protected from these allergens, a single pane window is simply not enough. A double pane window is much more effective at maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket is happy to help you upgrade your windows today.

Alleviate Allergy Symptoms with Double Pane Windows

The Mayo Clinic advises readers with allergy problems to upgrade to double pane windows for relief from symptoms. Glass Doctor of Newmarket will install our insulated glass units (IGUs) to prevent mould and pollen from becoming a greater problem inside your home.

Stop Mold Growth

Single pane windows are known for producing condensation, which acts as a breeding ground for mould spores. Double pane windows are much more effective at eliminating the moisture mould needs to grow. Double pane windows help ensure mold doesn't have the chance to take root and proliferate inside your home. Investing in these windows will certainly help eliminate allergy woes.

Block Pollen

Pollen is potentially the most common allergy suffered by many across the globe. It may seem natural to simply shut the windows, but if a seal has broken in your single pane windows the protection is nonexistent. A broken seal in any window will easily negate the insulating properties of that window. Resolve this problem by calling Glass Doctor of Newmarket to reseal your windows.

Choose Quality Double Pane Windows

Even double pane windows may fail over time and require maintenance. For immediate upgrades or onsite repairs, contact our glass specialists for help. Our team is happy to replace or repair any windows according to your unique needs. We advise replacing windows in bedrooms first to get a greater sense of what double pane glass will do for your living environment. Glass Doctor of Newmarket works hard to provide outstanding customer service to each and every client. Don't tolerate another day of allergies. Contact our glass specialists over the phone to discuss double pane window options or complete a fast service request online today.