Spruce Up Your Home for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Fall will soon give way to winter here in southern Ontario, and now is the best time for glass repair or insulated window replacement in your Newmarket home. If your windows aren’t performing and insulating your house sufficiently, you’ve probably already noticed your energy bills rising. Glass Doctor of Newmarket can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency with new windows, right now, when it can make a big difference in those heating costs.

Another energy-efficient option is replacing only those panes needed to restore your existing window's seals. Our glass repairs save you money on winter energy costs, while also improving your indoor comfort level. If you'd like to visually expand and brighten your home, we can install custom mirrors and glass tabletops that will bring extra light into the home this coming winter.


Let Custom-Made Glass Decor Brighten Your Home


Before your family arrives for the holidays and the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle commences--in fact, even before your Halloween house party (if applicable), spice up your home decor! New custom mirrors, glass shelving or new glass shower doors installed at this time of year offer benefits including: 

  • Creating an inviting space to entertain the season's visitors. We'll design and install custom mirrors to your specifications, to add light and visually enlarge your rooms. Consider a new mirror as a focal point above the fireplace or a practically lovely new mirrored wall for your walk-in closet.
  • Crossing items off your to-do list. If you've always wanted custom glass shelving, a glass-topped dining table or a new shower enclosure, we'll take care of it without disrupting your schedule. (We work the hours you choose--to minimize household disruption. We typically complete work in one installation visit.) 
  • Enjoying greater future productivity with new, attractive home office pieces, such as a transparent glass-topped desk or showcase for trophies or awards. Want to protect antique furnishings? Let us add custom-made, protective glass tops.


Save Money with Glass Repair or New Insulated Windows


The timing couldn't be better for window glass repair or new window upgrades because you'll:

  • Use this calm time when kids are in school for expert window repairs from your local glass specialists. 
  • Give your HVAC system a break and make your home easier to heat with new windows. Repaired or newly installed windows soon pay for themselves, in lower utility bills--and your home easily maintains consistent, comfortable temperatures.
  • Upgrade your home with new double- or triple-pane insulated windows, or ask us to evaluate your existing windows and make repairs, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate for this holiday season and years to come.

Now is the ideal time! Contact Glass Doctor Newmarket online or call 289-470-5351 for a free in-home consultation today.