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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

Applying window tint to the exterior glass surfaces in your home is very beneficial. The window tinting process is an easy upgrade for your home, because it does not require you to replace glass or build support structures. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket offers window tinting service for your home at an affordable price that will improve the appearance of your home and start saving you money in virtually no time at all. Contact us to learn about the benefits of a window tint, such as:

Heat Transfer

As sunlight hits untreated glass, the surface of the glass heats up and transfers the heat into the home. Without a double pane window to block the transfer, your home’s interior temperature may be difficult to control. A window tint blocks the transfer of heat by reflecting the sunlight instead of absorbing it. Since the windows do not transfer heat into your home, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep your home clean, saving you money on your electric bills.

Protecting Furniture And Surfaces

UVA and UVB light causes premature fading of upholstery and other fabric surfaces in your home. The rays make your furniture appear old, and may damage wooden frames of older pieces. Cracked wood and burst fabric cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement furniture. With tinted windows, your furniture will look as good as new for many years to come, and you have the freedom to place the pieces anywhere in the room without worrying about sun exposure.


In order to maintain privacy in your home, you have few options. You may install heavy curtains or drapes that require constant cleaning and upkeep. You can choose to build a privacy fence or other barricade to keep prying eyes out of your private spaces. Both of these options cost considerable sums of money to install, with the added cost of maintenance. With window tint from Glass Doctor of Newmarket, nosy neighbours will see nothing but the window tint when they try to peek into your house.

Home Value

Small upgrades add considerable value when you want to sell your home. The window tinting is a point of differentiation in the market that helps your home stand out from the competition. The tinted windows are also an attractive amenity for home buyers who do not want to install the tint at a later time. The long-lasting nature of window tint ensures your investment will stay pertinent for many years, until you are ready to sell.

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