Home Window Care During Winter

The windows in your home serve as an integral part of the structure providing natural light, warmth and ventilation. Properly functioning windows play an important role in the comfort of your home. Damaged or poorly performing windows represent a significant source of heat loss, uncomfortable drafts, and high energy bills. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket specializes in providing affordable window glass repair and replacement to help you prepare your home for winter. Schedule a free inspection appointment today and take the first step towards making your home more efficient and saving money in the long run.

Window Repair and Replacement

When the windows lose the proper seal, they can no longer regulate the indoor temperature, which leads to a heat loss and a drafty uncomfortable home. To compensate for the lost warm air, you either have to put on more clothing or turn the thermostat up higher and run your heating system longer. Depending on the condition of the frames and sashes of your windows, the window experts at Glass Doctor of Newmarket have a workable solution that can repair the leaky windows and improve their efficiency.

The process may include replacing the hardware, adding weather stripping or caulking the exterior walls around the window frames. If you have a very old home or older inefficient windows, it might be more cost effective for you to invest in new more efficient units. Our glass experts will be happy to assess your windows and go over the possible options for repair and replacement that best serve your needs.

Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows or insulating glass units (IGUs) consist of two pieces of glass with a gap of sealed air or gas between the panes. Double-pane windows have a higher insulating value, which greatly reduces heat loss, and are as much as 40% more efficient than standard windows. The inner panes of double pane windows have a higher insulating value and are warmer to the touch. These windows minimize the potential of frost and condensation on the inside glass. Your heating and cooling units have to work less hard to maintain the comfort of the home, and you save money with lower energy costs.

Window Maintenance and Fogging Double Pane Windows

Windows require reasonable care and maintenance to operate properly and have a prolonged life. To protect yourself against window failure, perform periodic inspections of the window, frame and seals and control the humidity in your home to prevent the buildup of excess moisture on the windows. If you have older double-pane windows and you notice that one or more of your windows have condensation between the panes or have become cloudy, the insulating glass may be failing. This foggy or dirty appearance affects the curb appeal of the windows and compromises the insulating benefits of the glass. Depending on the condition of the window, you may only need to replace the glass to repair the window. Contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Newmarket to discuss window glass repair solutions.

You can depend on Glass Doctor of Newmarket for your window glass repair, replacement and seal restoration. Whenever possible, we strive to repair your windows and restore your energy efficiency without having to replace the entire window. Call the Glass Doctor of Newmarket to find the best solution for your window glass repair needs.