Energy Efficient Historic Home

If you're in the market for a new home, then you've probably got an entire list of needs and wants written up. If you're like most homebuyers, you'll soon figure out that you're not going to be able to find a house that has absolutely everything you want and need unless you build it yourself. But there's other things to consider as well. For example, should you invest in a brand new house or a historic home?

The Benefits of Buying a Historic Home

Newer isn't always better, and this is often the case when it comes to real estate. A historic home can be a great investment for a number of reasons, including: Historic homes are cheaper: A historic home is rarely as expensive as a comparable newly built house. This means that if you purchase a historic home, you may be able to afford a home with more space or features.

Historic homes have more character: Newer homes are often cookie cutter in their appearance and design. Just visit one of the many new housing developments that pop up all over the country every day. All the houses look exactly the same. They might as well have been produced off an assembly line. Not so with a historic home. Historic homes have tons of character and their designs are often very unique.

Historic homes have meaning: One of the things that makes historic homes so unique is their place in history. There's something meaningful to having a home that has an important place in New Market's history.

The Drawbacks of Buying a Historic Home

The biggest drawback to investing in historic homes is that they often require renovation work, which is why they are usually cheaper. They're also typically not very energy efficient, since older homes didn't have the access to energy efficient technology that we have today.

Improve Energy Efficiency With Double Pane Windows

Even though historic homes are rarely energy efficient, there are things that you can do to improve their efficiency. For example, our Glass Doctor® of Newmarket specialists can install the following energy efficient windows into your historic home:

  • Double pane windows: Double pane windows will help keep heat and cool air from leaking out of your home as well as outdoor heat and cold air from finding its way in, thereby substantially reducing your energy costs.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass: Low-E glass is a type of reflective glass that reduces glare and helps filter out UV rays. Its ability to reflect sunlight will help to reduce your cooling costs.

Historic homes can be a fantastic investment. For information about installing double pane windows, contact us at Glass Doctor of Newmarket today.