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Clear Choice Protectant

Custom glass will truly transform your home, making rooms feel brighter and bigger while surfaces get easier to clean. However, streaks, stains and scratches will take away from the effect of your glass installations. At Glass Doctor® of Delaware, we want your investment to last. Our exclusive protective glass treatment, Clear Choice™, is available with any glass repair, replacement, or installation service. We will also apply it to other silica-based surfaces in your home, such as tile and granite.

Expect Amazing Protection

Whether you want to keep your new mirror in mint condition or upgrade your laminate countertops, Clear Choice will make your job easier. We encourage you to take advantage of its protective benefits in your home.

Repel Water and Oil

Ask our specialists to add a coat of Clear Choice to your custom tub enclosure or shower door. This glass treatment will protect your bathroom surfaces for up to five years, resisting the effects of hard water, oil, and bath products. At Glass Doctor of Delaware, we recommend Clear Choice to prevent soap scum, hard water etching, and other common bathroom problems.

Maximize Your Hygiene and Health

Clear Choice prevents moisture from accumulating on porous surfaces, which reduces your risk of mold and mildew buildup. It also makes it more difficult for allergens and contaminants to pollute your home and affect your health. As this protective barrier wicks away water and bacteria, your bathroom stays clean and allergens go down the drain.

Resist Scratches and Stains

Clear Choice also fortifies our glass installations against light scratches, stains and other everyday damage. The force of a dropped bottle won't crack or chip your glass as easily, thanks to Clear Choice's ability to resist impacts and absorb some of the force instead.

Keep Glass Shiny and Smooth

Clear Choice provides a smooth protective barrier that reflects light while resisting residue. After we add Clear Choice to your new glass surfaces, they will be glossier and smoother. Every treated surface will stay in good condition for years to come, resisting buildup and discoloration.

Make Cleaning Easy

Because Clear Choice repels debris and moisture, you won't have to scrub residue off your bathroom glass and other protected surfaces. Cleaning is as easy as wiping down your surfaces, because our exclusive shield is already doing the hard part for you, minimizing the need for harsh chemicals and hours of scrubbing.

At Glass Doctor of Delaware, we believe you should spend less time cleaning your new bathroom and more time enjoying it. Opt for a layer of Clear Choice, and enjoy up to five years of water and scratch resistance on all your silica-based household surfaces. Call at (302) 444-8529 to request this protective glass treatment for your home today.