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Door Closer Repair Service

When you're trying to make a good impression on a new or returning customer, every detail counts. Small features, like a door that opens and closes smoothly and silently, are expected and taken for granted by store visitors until a problem arises. If your door closer is no longer doing its job properly, get prompt, expert door closer repair from Glass Doctor® of New Orleans. We make sure your customers experience smooth entry into your establishment.

How Door Closers Should Work

A properly functioning manual door closer makes it virtually effortless for clients to enter your office or retail location. Your door closer should offer a bit of pushback to the visitor as they initially pull or push on the door handle. This conveys an idea of the door's weight and keeps the user in balance. Once the customer passes through the doorway, the door closer spring applies force to its metal arm, bringing the door closed silently.

Common Door Closer Repair Issues

Our team has the training to provide proper care for your door closer. Asking an unqualified person to restore your door closer could void its warranty. Trust our team to make the appropriate repairs without endangering your guarantee. We commonly resolve a variety of door closer issues, including:

Wrong type of door closer: The strength of the door closer spring must be matched to the weight of the door itself. When a door closer is either too weak or too heavy, door damage or customer injuries may result.

Installation and adjustment problems: Adjustment issues shorten the useful life of your door, leading to a damaged, misaligned doorframe and unpredictable door movement.

Seal cracks and breaks: Faulty door seals open up space around your door, risking potential hardware damage and oil leakage. Door closer repair may include replacing missing screws and broken O-rings, and repairing broken seals.

Difficult to lock doors: If locking your office door is difficult, you may try to force it closed, causing damage to components. If you're in a rush, you may not get the lock completely engaged, creating a security risk for your company.

Lack of door closer maintenance: If your door hinges are bent, your doorframe scrapes against the door or the door handle is loose, count on us to fix it and keep it perfect working condition.

Our expertise extends beyond glass care. Glass Doctor of New Orleans specialists will repair all related components that make your glass door work correctly. If you are concerned your door closer is malfunctioning, call on our team. Let our door closer repair professionals diagnose the issue and perform immediate repairs. Contact us today!