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Clear Choice Protectant

When you want a safe alternative for protecting the beautiful decorative surfaces throughout your home, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Greater New Orleans recommend Clear Choice™ glass protectant. When professionally applied, it gives your glass, granite, tile and other silica-based surfaces a lasting glossy shine. It provides a high-tech barrier that reduces your cleaning and maintenance workload. Clear Choice glass treatment is made to enhance and protect your home's most delicate fixtures, including bathroom shower enclosures and porcelain sinks. Keep almost every surface shiny and beautiful while protecting it from a wide range of contaminants. Clear Choice makes it easier to keep your home looking beautiful with less effort.

Protect Your Investment

The furniture and accessories in your home represent a major investment. To maintain their value and keep them looking beautiful, it makes sense to protect them and give them proper care. Clear choice makes that easier to do. It shields your furnishings from hard water stains, mineral deposits, and contaminants. It beautifies your surfaces and makes them easier to clean. A single application protects your home furnishings investment for up to five years.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice is a patented glass treatment that's environmentally safe when applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces. It's versatile and decreases your cleaning time. Clear Choice treats a wide range of household surfaces, so it saves you money by reducing the number of cleaning products you need to buy. It also provides these benefits:

  • Reduces cleaning frequency
  • Minimizes mold and bacteria growth
  • Provides stain, scratch, and impact resistance
  • Fights hard water etching

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At Glass Doctor of Greater New Orleans, we make it easy to protect your decorative surfaces with a professional application of Clear Choice glass treatment. Simply visit our appointment page to schedule a free in-home consultation or call 1-888-516-8133 for more information.