Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Greater New Orleans

The most successful companies are those who anticipate problems and seek proactive solutions to those problems. If you’re waiting for your glass to break before you establish an emergency glass repair plan, you place the safety and security of your business at risk. With the Glass Doctor® of Greater New Orleans proactive commercial glass care program, you take the precautions your business needs to continue with business as usual after a glass emergency.

Proactive Commercial Glass Care

  • Emergency service: Our team at Glass Doctor of Greater New Orleans works 24/7, providing your business glass repair services whenever you need them.
  • Expedited repairs: Poor communication causes service times to drag on, which increases the labor cost of the call, while impeding your ability to do business. The Advanced Measurement system drastically increases the speed of your repairs. Because your staff references the piece of glass that needs to be repaired by number, our team knows exactly the size and type of glass to bring to the job. This example of proactive commercial glass care ensures our team needs to make only a single trip to your site to complete the work you need.
  • Improved safety: Shards of broken glass are a hazard for your staff and customers. Our experts safely clean the area of broken glass to restore a safe environment for people in your site.
  • Better security: A broken window is an invitation for theft and vandalism, but our expedited repair services eliminate many of the security risks. Should the site need board up services, our team will have the area secured promptly.
  • Pre-approved credit: Avoid billing issues when your site is pre-approved for your glass repair needs.

Proactive commercial glass care means creating a plan of action that restores the safety and security of your site after a glass emergency. The Advanced Management system is a carefully designed plan of care that will ensure you don’t have to worry about your emergency glass care again.