Custom Glass Solutions

Whether your goal is to save the environment, save your furniture or embellish the interior of your house, custom glass decor will work wonders. Glass Doctor® of New Iberia offers a wide array of household glass products, including windows, mirrors, shelves and decorative door panes. We take pride in saving you money, protecting your property and giving your home a beautiful, professional look.

Custom Glass Decor for Every Home

Glass Shelves and Tabletops

Whatever the shape, size or configuration of your rooms, our custom glass decor will fit them perfectly. We offer glass tabletops and shelves in a myriad of different designs. Don’t count on cookie-cutter pieces to satisfy your dream designs, our team will cut and refinish a shelf or tabletop specifically to meet your needs. To ensure accuracy, our installation team performs in-home consultations. We'll assess available space, safety and environmental needs. After compiling all relevant factors we will recommend custom glass decor to suit your exact needs.

In addition to standard glass, we offer laminated and tempered glass products to reduce the risk of breakage. We also have coated and tinted glass, which reduce UV radiation damage and add color to your rooms.

Custom Mirrors

Nothing opens up a room better than a strategically-placed mirror. Our installation team has years of experience with home decoration and will identify the perfect spots to hang mirrors in each room.

French and Patio Doors

Glass Doctor of New Iberia is committed to providing beautiful, efficient entryways. We keep in close contact with glass vendors, allowing us to obtain customized panes, doors and side windows as soon as you need them.

We provide a wide range of products to embellish your entryways, including:

  • Storm-proof, laminated glass
  • Insulated glass windows outfitted with sliding blinds
  • Eco-friendly windows and doors
  • Stained glass, tinted glass and other decorative products
  • Glass meeting local building codes

Low-Emissivity Glass Windows

Ultraviolet radiation is a threat to your health and your property. When the sun rays come into contact with your skin, UV rays cause premature aging and raise your risk of cancer. When the rays hit your furniture the colors fade, forcing you to buy new couches and drapes or live with a discolored interior. To spare you from both of these problems, we offer low-emissivity (Low-E) glass for all windows and doors.

Low-E glass is coated with a metallic substance that blocks UV rays but barely interferes with visible light. Protect your skin and your furniture without relying on artificial light fixtures. Low-E glass also reduces the amount of heat entering your home, allowing you to reduce your bills and your environmental impact during the summer. We also offer double-pane windows to provide year-round insulation.

Glass Design

Custom glass decor is an investment in the beauty, sustainability and longevity of your home. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact Glass Doctor of New Iberia today.