Clear Choice Protectant

Property owners and drivers in and around Iberia Parish know we take a beating from the weather, year-round. Due to sun exposure, winter northers and hurricane-force gales, we have to take steps to protect our homes and vehicles from damage. Glass Doctor® of New Iberia not only has glass repair and replacement solutions, we also provide the best surface protectant you can use for household surfaces like appliances and windows. Clear Choice™ is a specially formulated, patented surface protectant we recommend for countertops, shower enclosures, and auto windshields.

Protect and Preserve Your Investment

Your home or commercial property is probably your greatest asset, so it’s something you need to care for properly to preserve or increase its value. Hard water can cause staining and build-up on surfaces. Apply the Clear Choice surface protectant to hard surfaces that are in contact with hard water, soap scum, and bacteria waste products found in kitchens and bathrooms. The system creates a “shield” that also makes your surfaces scratch-resistant and easier to clean.

Clear Choice Benefits

In addition to making your fine marble or granite countertops more attractive, they’re easier to clean because Clear Choice slows aging and reduces the damage from mineral deposits, environmental pollutants, and weathering. Its oil- and water-repellant properties can lead to fewer cleanings, a reduction in mold and bacteria, scratch- and impact-resistance, and protection from hard water stains and etching.

Windshield Protection and Clarity

One application of Clear Choice protects your car’s windshield against environment pollutants, scratching, etching, and airborne dirt and grime up to 5 years. Most importantly, during inclement weather, Clear Choice enhances your vision with its water- and oil-resistant properties. Clear Choice is a safety option for drivers.

Making Sustainable Choices

Clear Choice surface protectant is made from environmentally friendly ingredients that will protect our planet just as much as it protects your property! Contact the team at Glass Doctor of New Iberia for a free, onsite assessment of other ways to save money and energy costs this year.