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Custom Glass Solutions

Whether you're looking to put a classic touch on your glass home decor, or you have a highly customized order, Glass Doctor® of Naperville can meet your needs. Glass Doctor of Naperville offers customized glass for windows, French doors and mirrors. We also offer popular Low-E coatings, which reduce glare and the transmission of UV rays. No matter your glass needs, our team is ready to deliver exceptional service.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

No matter their shape, size or edging, glass tabletops and shelves are easy to clean and give any room a refined touch. During your personalized consultation, Glass Doctor of Naperville specialists will recommend detailing, thickness, tinting and protective coatings for your glass tabletop.

We're also available to help address your concerns about the safety of a heavy glass tabletops or shelves in your home. Laminated or tempered glass, for example, can help protect children and pets in case of breakage.

Custom Mirrors

Nothing opens up a space and adds light to a room quite like a mirror. No matter the size, shape or design of the mirror, Glass Doctor of Naperville creates the perfect mirror for your space.

Patio and French Doors

Upgrade your glass doors or replace them completely with the help of a Glass Doctor of Naperville specialist. Thanks to the connections we've cultivated with vendors, we can receive a wide variety of door glass options swiftly.

Whether you're looking for inserts for your entryway, patio door or kitchen cabinetry, trust our team to deliver exclusive door glass options. We offer double-pane, decorative or etched glass inserts. Pick energy-efficient options or laminated glass. Our specialists will advise you which option for your project is the best choice.

Low-E Glass Windows

Over time, the sun's ultraviolet light can discolor and age furniture and fabric. Thankfully, Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass minimizes glare and reduces UV rays.

The metallic coating applied to Low-E glass transmits 90% of sunlight through, so the room remains bright and sunny. But with UV ray transmission reduced, rooms stay cooler in sunny weather, reducing energy costs and ensuring your home stays comfortable. Reducing the UV light positively affects your home decor; it will look its best for a longer time.

Low-E coatings can be applied to windows, glass doors, skylights and even glass tabletops.

Our team is ready to increase the comfort and sustainability of your Naperville home. Fill out an online form or call 331-305-6903 to speak with a Glass Doctor of Naperville specialist now.