Clear Choice Protectant

New glass and solid surfaces like countertops always look great when they are installed. They make your entire home look refreshed and modern. After a few months, however, dirt and wear starts to show and your brand new upgrades start to look outdated once again.

Clear Choice™ is the solution you're looking for to keep your glass and solid surfaces looking beautiful without having to clean and polish every day. Count on Glass Doctor® of Naperville specialist to use Clear Choice glass treatment will make your home sparkle.

How it Shields Your Panes

When Clear Choice is applied to your surfaces, it forms a crystal-clear protective layer that hardens to keep them protected. This surface repels oils and soap residue so you have fewer spots and water stains. It also resists scratches and other damage from everyday use that dull your surfaces. The result is beautiful, easy-to-clean surfaces that last up to five years before another application is needed!

Beyond the Bathroom

Clear Choice is the best solution to keep your bathroom looking great. Use it in the tub, on your tile, granite, porcelain or composite fixtures so they need less cleaning, resist mold and keep your bathrooms guest-ready at all times.

Its use is not limited to the bathroom. Use Clear Choice in the kitchen on your sink and countertops or on the patio to protect your glass tabletops. Or, try Clear Choice glass treatment on your vehicle to keep your auto glass cleaner while providing protection against scratches and chips!

Restore Your Surfaces

Clear Choice is perfect for new glass and solid surfaces, but it will also restore your existing surfaces to make them look like new again. When you apply Clear Choice glass treatment, scratches and small areas of damage will become less noticeable. Plus, old surfaces that have taken on a dull, lifeless appearance will shine once more.

Protecting Your Investments

A quick visit from a Glass Doctor of Naperville specialist is all it takes to protect your surfaces and keep them looking like new for longer. Ask for Clear Choice when you're upgrading your bathroom and kitchen, or see how to breathe new life into your existing surfaces. We always provide a free consultation with no obligation to purchase so you know what you're getting before you buy.

To learn more about Clear Choice glass treatment, call or schedule an appointment online today!