Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Accidents always seem to happen at the worst possible time in the most inconvenient places. If a window in your home is cracked or broken, you want it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, not only to keep out the elements but also to protect your family and valuable belongings. Glass Doctor® of Murrells Inlet is here any hour of the day to help.

Around the Clock Emergency Services

No matter if your home’s glass window or door were broken by a powerful storm, an accident around the home or by vandals, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet can be out to your home to either replace the glass immediately or safely board up the area until the proper glass can be installed. Our team provides around-the-clock emergency home glass repair every day of the year. No matter the time of the day or day of the week you suffer a home glass emergency, we work quickly to get your home and life back to normal.

Don't Wait for Emergency Home Glass Repair

At Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet we believe you should never have to wait for emergency home glass repair. When we respond to your emergency call, our primary goal is to ensure no further damage occurs to your home. In most cases we board up the damaged area and prepare it for replacement. We then remove all broken glass shards, damaged frames and anything else that could be a safety hazard. Finally, we schedule a convenient time to return and install the permanent window replacement.

Customized Repair Solutions

No two accidents are alike, so we handle your emergency glass repair as the unique situation it is. If the damage to your home’s glass is minor, we look to perform repair; however, if the damage is more severe, we recommend window replacement, and we’ll do the work in an expert and efficient manner.

Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet offers a wide array of glass replacement services that cater to your individual needs. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and we take enormous pride in delivering an incomparable level of service to each and every one of our customers. Our specialists can answer any questions you have on the spot and will provide you with an accurate price estimate.

Contact us today

Broken or damaged windows are an open invitation to vandals, so it’s important to repair them immediately. When the unexpected happens, Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet is ready to solve the problem. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your glass repair and replacement are being done by the best in the business. Call us anytime at (843) 536-8402 to have one of our specialists repair your window or glass door.