Double Pane Windows

Your home should always be comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. If your windows are worn out or broken, the balance of your indoor environment is thrown off. Glass Doctor® of Murrells Inlet specialists have the perfect solution to keep your home cozy or cool, depending upon the season. Double pane windows are an important part of your energy shield, your home's outer envelope, which should protect you from the elements. Don't compromise your comfort or energy waste energy; opt to install or restore double pane windows today!

Double Pane Window Repair or Replacement

Basic, single-pane windows, or older double pane windows with leaky seals, allow the outdoor air to infiltrate your home. This air exchange causes high energy bills as your heating or cooling system struggles to maintain your desired indoor temperatures. If your windows need an upgrade, we'll install new, energy efficient double pane windows or we'll repair your older, existing insulated glass units (IGUs). If your home isn't maintaining a consistent temperature, or if you notice condensation on certain panes, count on us to restore the balance.

double pane window

How a Double Pane Window Works

Double pane windows are a type of IGU; these units feature two or more pieces of glass held in space by an insulating spacer. An IGU might have warm-edge spacers called super spacers. The double or triple panes are surrounded and secured with a professional grade sealant to keep moist air out. This wall of air and glass diffuses heat, so it cannot easily cross over into your home. Some IGUs contain gas that offers additional insulating properties.

Insulated Window Advantages

With new or repaired double pane windows, you enjoy energy savings and lower utility costs. Your home comfort increases as windows keep your conditioned air inside and minimize outdoor heat exchange. Even if the weather is less than perfect, your indoor climate stays the way you like it, and your heating system and A/C have an easier job. Over time, your energy savings pays for your new or repaired double pane windows.

Consult with Our Team

You deserve to enjoy all the benefits of double pane windows. Let Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet repair or replace any cracked panes to save you money. If necessary or desired, we'll replace your old windows completely, with new insulated windows. We also offer the option of replacing the panes, rather than the whole unit, which offers cost savings. Contact us to learn more about your double pane window options today.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.