Advance Measurement System

Broken glass is bad for business. When a pane breaks, your business immediately faces new safety and security risks. Missing glass and boarded-up windows will hurt your curb appeal and energy efficiency, too. At Glass Doctor® of Murrells Inlet, we know how important it is to restore your damaged windows, doors and other commercial glass installations as soon as possible. We provide 24-hour emergency repairs every day of the year, but we know you want to stay one step ahead. Speed up the process by investing in our proactive business recovery plan.

Plan for the Worst

Our specialists are trained to help you look your best while planning for the worst. We install custom storefront glass for businesses throughout Georgetown County, including commercial windows and doors for a variety of industries, but our services don't end there. We also help savvy business owners protect their glass with protective products, comprehensive guarantees and an exclusive disaster recovery plan: The Advanced Measurement System.

This business recovery plan is your defense against unexpected disasters, including extreme weather and crime. It allows Glass Doctor of Murrells Inlet, to keep track of all the glass on your property. That way, it's easier to repair, replace or completely recreate your glass installations after extensive damage.

Rely on Accurate Records

Our Advanced Measurement System gives you an opportunity to anticipate any future repair or replacement needs. No matter who installed your commercial glass, our specialists will visit your business and take a comprehensive survey. We analyze and document the following details about each and every glass pane:

  • Measurements
  • Type of glass (thickness, tint, tempered, etc.)
  • Safety glass code requirements
  • Location

Our specialists also draw a detailed diagram of your property, assigning a unique number to each pane. We will use this system to cross-reference important details if you report damage.

Save Time with One-Stop Service

Emergency repairs are convenient, but if we don't have your glass in stock, we must board up the damaged area and wait for a replacement. This requires at least two different visits to your location, interrupting your business.

Our Advanced Measurement System makes it possible to skip the board-up altogether and expedite the repair process. Pre-order the glass panes that correspond to your diagram, and we will keep them in stock at all times. Our In-Stock glass option is helpful for businesses that experience frequent damage.

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