G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

Along with seatbelts and airbags, windshields are a vital part of every vehicle’s safety restraint system. Its job is to protect you from the elements, road debris and, most importantly, keep passengers inside a vehicle during a collision while preserving the vehicle’s structural integrity. At Glass Doctor® of Mount Vernon, IL, your safety is our top priority. In addition to following Auto Glass Safety Council™ standards for windshield repairs and replacements, we back new windshield installations with a windshield replacement guarantee for 12 months.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Plans

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Each windshield replacement Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL performs includes the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee. The guarantee’s term is 12 months, beginning the day of the windshield replacement. The greatest benefit of the windshield replacement guarantee is peace of mind, as you’ll receive unlimited repairs and, if necessary, one replacement during the guarantee’s term. If you need a new windshield during the coverage term, the guarantee covers the cost of the glass. You're responsible for the cost of the installation kit and labor.

G12 Future Installation Option

When Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL installs a new windshield on your vehicle, consider adding the G12 Future Installation Option to the windshield warranty. It provides the same coverage as the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee and covers the cost of the installation kit and labor.

G12 Value Package

Offering the highest level of protection, the G12 Value Package provides the same benefits as the G12 Future Installation Option and includes new wiper blades and the Clear Choice™ glass treatment. In a single application, the proprietary glass protecting solution repels water while making your windshield less vulnerable to scratches, hard water stains and environmental pollutants.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Coverage Guidelines

If your windshield receives damage within 12 months of its installation, contact the Glass Doctor location that replaced the auto glass. Our specialists will always repair the glass when it’s a safe, effective option. Our repairs follow the highest industry standards, save money and avoid canceling the term remaining on the windshield replacement guarantee.

The G12 Road Hazard Guarantee and complementing coverage options at Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL apply to windshield damage caused by normal road hazards. The windshield replacement guarantee does not apply to:

  • Vandalism
  • Collisions
  • Acts of God
  • Fraud
  • Class 7 and 8 heavy duty trucks
  • Motorcoaches
  • Buses

Residents in Mt. Vernon, Benton, Geff, Fairfield, Mount Carmel and the surrounding areas can always count on Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL for all their auto glass needs. Our highly trained specialists pair their comprehensive services with precision, convenience, and experience to exceed expectations. Contact Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL to schedule a windshield repair.

Some exclusions may apply.