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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Transform the appearance of your bathroom when you create a new focal point of a shower door or tub enclosure. Just the simplest shower doors can be stunning with the right planning, as glass directs light around the room and helps even an outdated bathroom appear modern. Elaborate shower doors, however, can increase the value of your home, enabling you to reap the benefits of such a beautiful feature now and in the future.

However, choosing a shower door for your home is a difficult process when undertaken alone. Our specialists at Glass Doctor® of Moorhead are here to help and will take you through each step of the process, from design to installation and even maintenance.

Designing Your Shower Door

When designing custom shower doors or tub enclosures, we take much more than basic aesthetics into account. One of our specialists will arrive at your home, at a date and time that suits you, for your free in-home consultation. Our specialist will inspect your bathroom to check the material of your walls and the location of your supporting studs. These factors determine the maximum weight your shower door is able to be and influence your options for type of glass and mounting material.

During the design process, you also choose features such as shower heads, handles and hinges to match your current hardware, and a header frame and finish color, if you opt for a framed shower enclosure. Our specialist will take exact measurements and check the ventilation in your bathroom, to decide if you would benefit from a ventilation kit. Combined with your choices for materials and hardware, these calculations give us an accurate indication of cost.

Bathroom Improvement

Installation of Your Tub Enclosure

You can make an appointment for the installation of your shower door during your initial consultation. Most often, our team at Glass Doctor of Moorhead is able to complete the job in just one day. This involves preparing the area for installation, creating U-channels for the glass, positioning the glass into U-channels and sealing with silicone urethane, applying the mounting connection, door hardware, and top head channels (if they are part of your design) and finally fastening door to enclosure with hinges.

When we leave, you will find your bathroom spotless.

Maintaining Your New Shower Door

Clear Choice™ keeps surfaces like glass, tile, and porcelain clean and protected from stains made by hard water, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants. By applying Clear Choice to your shower door or tub enclosure, you can keep it looking brand new for longer. You can also use the product on countertops, windows, the toilet, and the sink to cut down on cleanings, prevent scratches, and keep all the surfaces in your bathroom shining without the need for hard scrubbing with harsh chemicals.

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor provides several services to kick-start your imagination while gathering ideas, including:

If you feel that it is time that you renewed your bathroom, contact us at Glass Doctor of Moorhead. Our custom shower doors and tub enclosures take your bathroom to a new level of comfort and elegance.