Door Closer Repair Service

Excellent customer service begins the moment an individual walks through your business' door, making proper door closer function essential. The door closer repair, installation and maintenance services at Glass Doctor® of Moorhead make caring of for your door straightforward, so your business remains memorable for the right reasons.

Purpose of Door Closers

A door closer is a device that automatically closes a door after someone opens it. It also makes heavier doors simpler to open. When you open a door with a door closer, you will feel a bit of resistance, an indication of the door's weight. Upon feeling the initial resistance, the closer makes the door glide open smoothly. The device then returns the door to the frame after you release it.

Door Closer Repair in Warning Signs

Only an experienced specialist should repair, install and maintain a door closer. Performing these tasks on your own could compromise the safety of those who use the door, as well as accidentally void the warranty. The experts at Glass Doctor of Moorhead follow national regulations that outline the best standards and practices. You can always trust our specialists to resolve your door closer concerns. The most common reasons that door closers fail include:

Incorrect door closer model: When purchasing a door closer, you must consider factors such as the doors weight and size, mounting type, how the door swings, building pressure conditions, and the expected volume of traffic. Using the wrong type of door closer increases the likelihood of the door and closer receiving damage.

Installation mistakes and lack of maintenance: Always hire a trained expert that guarantees their work to take care of all your door closer needs. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Moorhead receive comprehensive training to promote the safety and longevity of door closers, as well as prevent misalignments, damage and unsafe door movements.

Locking difficulties: A faulty door closer can make a door difficult to lock, making your building vulnerable to security risks. Locking difficulties may also damage the door closer, doorframe or the locking mechanism.

Broken seals and lubricant leaks: If you can see a clearance gap after a door closer seal breaks, the device might leak lubrication or experience hardware damage. A lubricant leak might also be a sign of mechanical problems that make a door open or close too quickly. Specialists at Glass Doctor of Moorhead will always ensure that your door closer is lubricated well.

Glass Doctor of Moorhead performs door closer repair and installation services. We invite businesses in Clay County businesses to participate in our door closer maintenance program, which makes ongoing door closer care effortless. Schedule your complimentary on-site consultation today.