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Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Moorhead is proud to offer our Advance Measurement system to local customers. This common sense approach to glass repairs and disaster recovery allows you to practice proactive glass care in order to minimize repair time and get back to business faster.

The Advance Measurement Concept

A glass specialist will complete a thorough survey of your facility that includes measuring all glass window panes, doors and other glass surfaces. They will also take careful notes on any safety specifications and use this information to create a numbered and detailed diagram of the building.

Enjoy Faster Emergency Repairs

When glass breaks in your facility, all you have to do is call and report the number of the broken pane according to the diagram. Based on the number, our specialists will have all the information they need to prepare for a repair visit. This means that your repair won't be delayed by a measurement visit and you won't have to undergo a board-up. As long as your glass is in stock, we can immediately complete the repair. Our Advance Measurement system also allows you to pre-establish credit and contact information, which helps to speed up the entire replacement process even more.

In-Stock Options

If you are especially concerned with proactive glass care, then you should consider our In-Stock glass program. Through this service, you can pre-order your glass and have it in-stock and in our warehouse waiting to be used in repairs. This is a great idea for any facility that experiences frequent breakages because it eliminates lag time.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Your window installation can be completed in one trip, which means that you don't have to worry about interrupting your daily business for longer than necessary. Not only does it offer a convenient solution to glass repairs, it also saves you money by making sure that your facility is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Immediate repairs also help reduce the risk of injury to customers and employees and protect your building from theft, vandalism and the elements. Your facade will continue to look great and offer full functionality. Finally, pre-establishing credit eliminates any billing hassles and helps to streamline the entire repair payment process.

Use the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor of Moorhead to practice proactive glass care and enjoy fast and affordable emergency repair services.