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Clear Choice Protectant

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to lift a finger to clean your home. Glass Doctor® of Moorhead offers the next best option, Clear Choice™ surface treatment. The proprietary glass treatment forms an invisible barrier on glass and silica-based hard surfaces, so minerals, oils, pollutants and other contaminants found in water are less likely to adhere to them. When grime does not stick to surfaces, you spend less time cleaning and less money on cleaning products. A single application of Clear Choice lasts up to five years, making it ideal for windows, shower doors, toilets, sinks, tile and stone countertops in your Clay County home.

Breathe Easier

Water is an essential part of your life; you need it to cook, clean, bathe and hydrate. Acids, minerals and contaminants sometimes found in water make the element destructive, particularly when they bond to hard surfaces and glass. Not only do contaminants scratch or etch hard surfaces, but they also develop tough buildups that make them look cloudy. One of the most popular ways to get rid of the unsightly residue is with strong cleaning chemicals that have harsh fumes that reduce the quality of air in your home. It might also take some trial and error to find an effective product. Rather than spend hours and money on solutions that don't work, pollute your home and pose the risk of further damaging your surfaces, turn to Clear Choice. The glass treatment is environmentally friendly and eliminates the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to make your home look beautiful.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice from Glass Doctor of Moorhead has exceptional cleaning and environmental benefits. However, the best reason to use the glass treatment on your hard surfaces comes from its protective qualities. Surfaces treated with Clear Choice resist stains, weathering, mineral buildups, etching and scratches better than untreated surfaces. As a result, you no longer have to worry about the effects of water exposure and daily use.

Clear Choice Application Steps

A successful Clear Choice application requires the expertise of a specialist from Glass Doctor of Moorhead. After applying the glass treatment, the glass specialist will teach you how to maintain the respective surfaces to promote the solution's durability and effectiveness. During your service call, the glass specialist will complete the following steps:

  • Protect the work area
  • Clean the surface to prepare it for the first coat
  • Apply the first coat of Clear Choice and test its effectiveness
  • Apply the second coat of Clear Choice
  • Clean the surface and work area

Clear Choice makes maintaining the splendor of your home's hard surfaces simple. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary in-home consultation with a specialist from Glass Doctor of Moorhead today.