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Auto Window Tinting

Auto Window Tinting

If you're not completely satisfied with the appearance, privacy, safety or comfort of your vehicle, Glass Doctor® of Montrose will help you instantly improve all four factors. Our car window tint services include a variety of different options and features, which deliver a bounty of benefits for your automobile.

Benefits to Auto Window Tinting

Sunlight Protection

Don't assume cracked leather, faded upholstery and warped dashboards are inevitable. Your car is a major investment; premature aging, wear and tears shouldn't reduce its lifespan or make it look older than it is. When our specialists install UV-resistant tints on your windshield and windows, your car's exposure to harmful sunlight will be instantly and permanently reduced.

Discretion and Privacy

A dark car window tint will allow you to avoid prying eyes and keep your belongings under wraps. No one will be able to look inside your car and instantly scope out your valuable possessions. Plus, strangers won't have full view of your kids and other passengers. Our specialists are familiar with the local laws regarding tint color and will ensure you are within legal limits.

Safer Driving

We love clear skies and sunny days as much as you do, but we also understand that sunshine causes road hazards when it shines directly into your windshield. Your visors and windshield gradient only covers a fraction of your windshield, but our window tints will provide full coverage, reducing annoying and dangerous glares.

Comfortable Interior

When you leave your car in a hot parking lot, it only takes a few minutes for the whole interior to start baking. Car window tints will protect your seats from soaring temperatures by resisting some of the heat transfer associated with direct and prolonged sunlight exposure.

At Glass Doctor of Montrose, we specialize in experience improvement for local drivers. Call us at 970-252-8868 or fill out an online form for more information about our auto window tinting options.