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Clear Choice Protectant

Keeping your living and working areas clean and looking great is important. Glass Doctor® of Montrose, CO understands that by guarding the glass, granite, and porcelain surfaces in your home against damages, and by making them easier to clean, you save precious time and money. Our Clear Choice™ glass protectant is formulated for all silica-based products. It creates an invisible shield that prevents your countertops, floors, and furnishings from wear and tear. We deliver glass treatment service that reduces the time you have to spend on upkeep and ensures your valuable surfaces retain their sparkling appearance longer.

Bathroom and Kitchen Maintenance Hacks

Bathroom surfaces are particularly prone to moisture problems. Mold and other airborne bacteria find an effective breeding ground in the moist, steamy atmosphere. Since silica-based items are extremely porous, cleaning your countertops, glass shower doors, and tiles is a never-ending task. Typically, harsh chemicals are required to kill germs and maintain sanitary conditions. Over time, those chemicals strip the polished surface of your granite and porcelain, causing premature aging.

An application of Clear Choice creates an invisible barrier that makes granite, marble, glass and tile surfaces impervious to oil and water-based stains and scratches. The one-time glass treatment protects surfaces for up to five years, retaining an ultra-smooth, glossy shine on bathroom and kitchen items that receive heavy use. By bonding with the surface, Clear Choice establishes a lasting shield that prevents costly damage. It inhibits:

  • Hard water stains and unsightly mineral deposits
  • Etching damages, gouges, and scratches
  • Mold and bacteria formation and growth
  • Grout stains and blackening
  • Acidic discoloration from citric juices or chemicals
  • Oil and water penetration

With Clear Choice, your bathroom and kitchen surfaces retain a beautiful, sanitary appearance.

Business and Office Use

Clear Choice glass treatment is perfect for commercial uses. Our experts conduct service based on your schedule. Waiting room areas, floors and bathroom facilities will look newer longer, reducing your maintenance costs. With professional account set-up and vendor vetting processes, we make it easy to arrange for glass treatment. Clear Choice delivers improved protection for your business or office space.

Outdoor Applications

With a single application, your patio, walkways and windows are better able to withstand harsh elements. Weathering damage makes tile pavers, outdoor furniture and other landscaping items look older than they are. However, Clear Choice glass treatment delivers superior protection for outdoor surfaces. When applied to glass tables, masonry structures and delicate mosaics, our patented glass treatment enhances the look and performance of your outdoor living spaces.

Reduce your cleaning tasks and improve the appearance of your counter tops, mirrors and porcelain with a single treatment. Contact Glass Doctor of Montrose to discover superior glass treatment today.