Auto Window Tinting

Add custom window tint to your car, truck or SUV and treat yourself to less glare and more style. At Glass Doctor® of Montebello we’ll help you choose the right tint for a comfortable driving experience. Tint delivers a sophisticated, customized look and excellent UV protection for your interior. You’ll also drive safer with the right auto window tint between you and the blazing California sun.

Car Window Tinting Advantages

Protect Your Car’s Interior

Harsh sun exposure is a fact of life in Montebello. Add window tinting to avoid the faded interiors that make a car look neglected and ruin its resale value. Sun damage can go beyond fading your seats, too much sun exposure will crack your dashboard and ruin items left in the car. Avoid extensive UV damage to your vehicle with attractive and functional auto window tint.

Enjoy Privacy and Security When Driving or Parked

Window tinting frees you from the annoyance of hiding all your valuables under the seat when you park your car. Car window tint from Glass Doctor® of Montebello deters tempting car thieves to break in and it offers you and your passengers private transportation.

Add Comfort to Your Drive

Tinted windows let you sit on your car seats and touch your steering wheel without pain, even if you’ve been parked in a treeless parking lot all day. You’ll enjoy cooler comfort in your car immediately, without waiting for the A/C to kick in.

Drive Safer and Healthier

Early morning and late afternoon driving can be stressful and dangerous, and not just because of the traffic congestion. It's hard to see clearly in direct sun and intense glare. Get window tinting and you'll prevent sun damage to your skin after years of driving. You'll keep your passengers out of the hot headache-causing sun, too.

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