Storefront Doors

If you have a store, your glass windows and doors provide several important benefits and need to be kept in the best possible condition. They’re immediately visible to your customers – as well as people walking or driving by who could be potential customers – so their good appearance is vital to your business’ reputation. In addition, they provide security and even serve as a marketing tool. If your doors and windows need repair or replacement, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA have the training, experience, and tools needed to keep them looking and functioning their best and to meet all your storefront care needs.

Storefront Doors

Our specialists repair and replace storefront windows and doors that have suffered damage or need an upgrade. We go beyond basic storefront care services, however, creating custom glass that meets your business’ exact needs. If security is a priority, choose our bulletproof or fire-resistant glass, or select hurricane-impact safety glass to provide extra protection against high winds and other inclement weather. We’ll even transform your storefront glass into an effective marketing tool by imprinting your store’s name, logo, hours of operation, and other important information so it will be easily seen and noticed.

Security Film

If your existing storefront doors and windows are in good repair, we’ll apply security film to add even more protection. This special film ensures that while sunlight will still easily enter your store, your employees, customers, and premises will benefit from an added layer of safety. When glass breaks, safety film keeps it from spraying and possibly causing injury as well as a mess. Safety film also makes it more difficult and time-consuming for someone to break into your store, increasing the chances that they’ll simply move on and give police or security a chance to respond before a break-in is successful.

24-Hour Emergency Services

When glass breaks, it doesn’t always happen during regular business hours. That’s why our specialists respond to your emergencies 24/7 in our mobile unit, ready to repair your glass if possible and to clean up any glass and debris. If we have your glass in stock, we’ll be able to quickly repair it, and if not, we’ll board up the area to make your store safe again and return to complete a full replacement at a time that’s convenient for you.

To find out more about how Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA will take care of your storefront care needs, Contact us today!