Shower Door Installation

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, don't just look at faucets and shower heads. Throw out your shower curtain and call Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA for a glass shower or tub enclosure installation. Adding a glass door or tub enclosure will change the look of your whole bathroom, and we make the process simple and painless. Our specialist will come out and determine how much weight your walls will support based on the type of wall and the location of the studs. Ventilation needs will be accessed and accurate measurements taken. Finally, our specialists offer expert guidance on shower fixtures, so you selected shower head doesn't soak the entire bathroom.

Expert Consultation

Of course there are a lot of decisions to make when upgrading your bathroom, but Glass Doctor of Montebello will guide you through each step, starting with deciding what look you want from your shower doors or tub enclosure. Perhaps a frameless shower door suits your inner decorator or maybe the traditional framed style is more to your liking. We work with a number of vendors who provide good quality products no matter your style.

Our specialist will also give you a range of accessories to choose from, so you have plenty of options to give your bathroom a one of a kind look. From heavy patterned glass to tinted shower doors, each choice takes you closer to your own bathroom nirvana.

Quality Installation

Once your choices are made and your design complete, Glass Doctor of Montebello will give you a price within 24 hours. After you have approved it, we will schedule the installation work. Our specialists will:

  • Prepare the area
  • Put in a U-channel to hold the glass
  • Carefully place the glass
  • Seal it with silicone urethane

The final steps include mounting the door and connection hardware and fastening the door to the hinges. After the glass has cured, you will be ready to grab your rubber ducky and soak or shower to your heart's content.

Protecting Your Investment

One addition you may consider is adding our Clear Choice glass protectant to your shower doors. The special sealant will keep hard water and soap scum from building up. Keep mold and bacteria at bay on your sinks, toilets, windows and other surfaces with a single application.

Enlist the help of Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA to create the home of your dreams. Choose a new shower door or tub enclosure, add a new mirror or frame an existing one to give the room a new look. Trust us to deliver the design you're dreaming about; schedule your appointment now!

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor provides several services to kick-start your imagination while gathering ideas, including:

When you are ready to begin the design and installation process, contact Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA for an in-home consultation. A glass expert will help you determine which glass shower or tub enclosure would be best for your bathroom, both in structure and style.