Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA offers its services to all local businesses. These include commercial building glass repair, replacement and emergency services, as well as remodeling. Our Commercial Care program provides several benefits, including priority after-hours emergency response, discounted emergency services, membership pricing on all work and a special commercial account. Additionally, companies participating in our Commercial Care program receive 15% off all vehicle glass jobs.

Apartments and Condominiums

Our glass specialists will replace or repair any glass your residents break. Retrofitting your complex' windows may even cut down on energy costs. Any workout spaces in your building will also benefit from our glass services. Safety backing for mirrors in workout centers is a useful way to prevent costly breakage and to ensure the mirror's longevity. As a bonus, any residents at the complex receive 15% off any auto glass repair or replacement.

apartment windows


Plenty of our glasswork is specially tailored for restaurants. We can add custom mirrors for a touch of ambiance, and glass outdoor windbreaks can make a patio more comfortable at any time of year. We both retrofit existing designs and install completely new glass. If you want to create a unique environment, our glass specialists will help you select decorative or tinted glass. We also design and install atriums and any sliding doors. Food service areas will also benefit from our work: we repair and replace sneeze guards on buffets, for example, and install sliding drive-up windows.

Schools and Universities

Educational institutions have a variety of glass care needs. Science laboratory glass is prone to frequent chipping, cracking and breaking. We can provide you with new, undamaged glass. Glass display cases allow you to show off your school's accomplishments in style. To keep your building safe, we provide fire-resistant glass and protective glazing. We service dormitory spaces, as well. Adorn student and staff living spaces with mirrors, sliding doors and shower enclosures we design, replace and retrofit for your building.


Broken or damaged glass is an extreme security risk for retail establishments, but we provide commercial building glass repair and replacement, to keep your business safe. We also retrofit existing glass, to decrease your energy costs. New glass display cases bring out the best in your merchandise, and safety glass partitions delineate your showroom and resist breakage. We provide extensive customizable glass options, to help you create a unique environment for your store. Ask us about large, storefront window glass options to set your business apart.

Hotels and Motels

Decorative mirrors in your hotel add a personal touch to any room, and our commercial building glass repair mends any damage your guests might incur. If you need to install shower doors, our glass specialists will consult with you about the best options for your space. If your establishment has a gym, pool or other workout areas, we provide safety mirrors and other glass, to keep your spaces safe from time-consuming and costly breakage.

Cities and Municipalities

Our glass specialists service doors, closers and glass entryways for your municipal building. We retrofit and install low-energy, low-maintenance glass, to reduce government costs over time. Fire-rated and safety glass will keep municipal buildings safe. We both remodel existing glass and offer construction services, specialty services and expedited purchase orders.

Your building's glass is a reflection of your business' quality. Don't delay getting vital glasswork done! Contact us today, and know that your business' glass is in good hands.