Double Pane Windows

Extreme temperature changes, age and improper installation cause the windows in your home to become drafty, visually unappealing and even inoperable. Improve the energy efficiency of your home and enhance the beauty of your windows with the assistance of Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA. Our team of glass specialists will replace your windows and restore your home.

Double Pane Windows

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are windows that consist of two or more panes of glass that feature an insulated spacer. One of the most common types of IGUs is a double-pane window. In a double or triple pane window, a spacer separates the glass panes and seals the space in between them to offer insulating properties. Spacers are sometimes filled with a special moisture absorbing material to maximize efficiency. In some situations, krypton or argon gas is added to the airspace between the panes for added insulation. A high-grade sealant is applied to the entire perimeter of the IGU in order to prevent moisture and condensation from invading the space between the panes.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA offers premium IGUs designed to increase your home's energy efficiency and help you maintain a more comfortable interior climate. Windows are the main source of temperature exchange in your home. When properly installed, high-quality IGUs combat heat transfer and eliminate draftiness. As a result, not only will your home's interior temperature remain more comfortable, but your home's heating and air conditioning systems will not need to work as hard, saving both energy and your hard-earned money.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Even the highest quality of double pane windows sometimes need replacement. Signs that it's time to replace the double pane windows in your home include:

  • Broken or cracked glass
  • Damaged or improperly installed seals
  • Draftiness near your home's windows
  • A milky appearance or condensation build-up between the panes

Double pane window replacement is a Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA specialty. If your windows are severely damaged, faulty or aged, our specialists replace your panes high-quality IGUs. Fortunately, complete window replacement is not always necessary. When the glass is all you need, Glass Doctor of Montebello offers insulated glass replacements that are designed to be installed in your existing window frames. Replacements can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home at a fraction of the cost of complete window replacements.

The Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA team is prepared to complete your window replacement project. Fill out our online form or call a team member to schedule your free in-home consultation.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.