Door Closers

Operating a brick and mortar business is fraught with liabilities. The very door your customers enter and exit has the power to cause serious harm if the closure mechanism isn’t functioning properly. For that reason, Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA offers professional door closer repair and maintenance services designed to keep your entryways operating safely.

By necessity, commercial doors are fabricated to withstand high-traffic usage and are built according to industrial strength specifications. Therefore, commercial doors typically weigh a considerable amount and require the assistance of a spring-loaded, manual closer to make them functional. However, it’s very easy to ignore door maintenance issues until they pose a problem for you or your customers, and by that time it may be too late to prevent an accident.

Common Door Closer Problems

When your door closers aren’t working properly it affects your customer and employee safety, the security of your property and structural design of the door. Whether the problem stems from utilizing an inadequate mechanism on a particular door or from an installation error, our experts are able to solve your door dilemma swiftly. Common problems include:

  • Improper adjustment: Since most door closers rely on a pressure-sensitive apparatus to operate if the adjustments are conducted haphazardly or imperfectly, the door simply won’t open or close correctly.
  • Broken seals: The closing mechanism is housed to prevent water damage and other interference with the springs, lubricants and components. A broken or damaged seal exposes these crucial parts to the elements.
  • Hardware failure: Lubricant leaks usually indicate a hardware failure such as a loose washer or bolt in the mechanism, which causes the door to open or close too quickly and present a risk of injury.

In addition to the danger to users, problems with your door closers affect your ability to lock the door properly. Extended use creates stress points on the doorframe, hinges, and alignment, which reduces the lifespan of the door and increases utility costs.

Professional Door Closer Repair

Our specialists conduct repairs on various brands of door closers and are able to meet manufacturer warranty requirements. Combining hands-on experience, technical knowledge and the right tools for the job ensure our professionals keep your commercial door closers in excellent working condition.

Moreover, our glass experts are routinely vetted through a number of vendor processes and make it easy for your business to contract service. We are able to repair window latching and locking systems and threshold and doorframe damage, as well as conduct specialized glass replacements and repairs.

Call Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA today to schedule a free, onsite consultation and arrange for door closer repair service that keeps your entry and exit-ways safe and secure.