Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are a versatile addition to any home, combining form and function these pieces improve any space. Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA offers many styles and variations of custom mirrors, so your decor will reflect your preferences. Our specialists will assist you with the entire process, from brainstorming about what you'd like to create to choosing the perfect locations to place your mirrors. We'll also ensure that your walls will safely support the weight and size of the mirrors you want.

Unlike many other types of home decor, custom mirrors improve your home's function as well as its appearance. They offer the following benefits to any area:

  • Creating depth and the illusion of space: Mirrors make even the smallest spaces seem larger.
  • Making a unique statement: Store-bought mirrors have a boring, one-size-fits-all appearance, but custom mirrors are designed and made to your specifications. Choose the shape, size, edgework, and tint options you want to create a custom piece.
  • Adding versatility: Mirrors are ideal addition whether they are hung on the wall by themselves or as part of a grouping. They may also be leaned against a wall or in a corner. They improve any room, including hallways, and may also be framed if desired.
  • Reflecting favorite features: Mirrors amplify the impact of your home's best features. Position them to reflect a beautiful archway or view or to reflect your favorite painting.

Custom Mirror Options

Your options are virtually endless when creating mirrors. As long as the glass is thick enough to accommodate the edgework you choose and your walls will safely support the mirror's size and weight, you have a wide choice of options. The following are some of the most popular mirrors that our customers enjoy:

  • Mirrored hallways: Small, dark hallways will instantly seem larger and brighter as mirrors reflect any available artificial and natural light.
  • Mirrored backsplash: A mirrored backsplash complements and elevates any style of kitchen decor, and it's easy to keep clean and sanitized.
  • Statement mirrors: A single large mirror hung above a focal point such as a fireplace or headboard makes a powerful design statement.
  • Framed mirrors: These create a polished appearance and are ideal for areas such as the bedroom, entryway, and bathroom.
  • Full-length mirrors: Often used on closet doors and in bedrooms and entryways, full-length mirrors give you a view of yourself.
  • Mirrored shelves: Hung by themselves or in a curio cabinet, they create panoramic views of your cherished objects.

Review out our special offers and schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA to improve and personalize the look of your home with custom mirrors!