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Clear Choice Protectant

Instead of scrubbing and cleaning for hours, Clear Choice™ is the premier solution for glass and surface care. Clear Choice is ideal for windows, toilets, countertops, mirrors and a variety other surfaces. Simply put, Clear Choice allows you to work smarter, not harder. By making your surfaces more repellent to oil and water, it effectively reduces the amount of deposits left from soap scum, hard water and other waste products. Contact Glass Doctor of Montebello to have professional application.

Protect Investments

Normal wear on your silica-based surfaces results in unsightly water stains and mineral deposits left on your countertops and glass surfaces. At the same time, environmental pollutants and normal weathering destroys the beauty and luster of your surfaces. Clear Choice offers glass care and protection for most surfaces in your home and business. This innovative solution creates a high-tech shield with an ultra-smooth barrier that acts as a surface shield for up to five years. Best of all, it only takes one simple application of Clear Choice to realize the benefits.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Savvy homeowners ask our specialists to apply Clear Choice. This simple solution helps maintain, restore and protect a wide variety of home surfaces with significantly less work. As the premier option for glass care, Clear Choice allows you to enjoy:

  • Fewer cleanings
  • Prevention from hard water etching
  • Less bacteria and mold
  • Surfaces that are resistant to scratches, stains and impact
  • More dynamic and glossier surfaces
  • The pride of knowing you are using an eco-friendly solution

Instead of spending arduous hours of cleaning your bathroom, get smart with Clear Choice glass care and surface protection. Simply ask for Clear Choice any time you order a new tub enclosure or shower door. If you are not in the middle of a bathroom renovation, our experts provide free in-home consultations for your convenience. Contact Glass Doctor of Montebello today for a hassle-free consultation to learn how Clear Choice can change your life one surface at a time.