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Clear Choice Protectant

There is no reason to live with a grungy, grimy bathroom. Clear Choice™ is the perfect solution for all of your bathroom surfaces. Not only for glass, Clear Choice surface treatment also preserves your countertops, sinks, toilets and bathroom fixtures. Keeping your bathroom surfaces shiny and clean usually requires difficult and time-consuming scrubbing with harsh cleaners. Clear Choice saves you heartache by making your bathroom countertops and surfaces more water and oil resistant and much easier to keep clean. When water and oil does not cling to surfaces, hard water, soap scum and waste products will not cause continued damage to your delicate surfaces.

Protect Your Investment

Grime and hard water stains build up easily and tarnish your glass, tile, porcelain and granite coverings over time. Clear Choice surface treatment is applied professionally and defends silica-based surfaces from hard water etching, mineral deposits, pollutants and weathering. It takes just one visit from a specialist from Glass Doctor® of Minneapolis to make your safe from stains and water. The super-smooth protective barrier that Clear Choice creates lasts up to five years.

Savvy homeowners rely on Clear Choice to protect, maintain and restore glass shower doors, tub enclosures and all types of bathroom surfaces. The benefits of Clear Choice include:

  • Easier cleaning
  • Scratch, stain and impact resistance
  • Reduced mold and bacteria growth
  • Prevention of hard water damage
  • Glossier surfaces
  • Clear Choice is also an environmentally friendly option

Keep your bathroom surfaces grime-free and save back-breaking work with Clear Choice surface protectant. It just takes a brief visit from the team at Glass Doctor of Minneapolis to apply this patented product. Make soap scum and hard water buildup a thing of the past. Ask for Clear Choice when you have your new tub enclosure or shower door installed. Contact us for your complementary in-home consultation to get started.