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Industry Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor® of Midland we offer industry glass repair, window replacement, emergency services and upgrades of all commercial and industrial properties in Midland County. Enjoy the benefits of our Advance Measurement System, in-stock program and Commercial Care program when you require emergency industry glass repair.

Apartments and Condominiums

Call us right away when you need help with windows, patio doors or glass decor. Our team of glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Midland have the ability to upgrade, install or repair your entire facility with custom glass products. We provide a variety of glass and mirror options for your pool, gym and shower areas, including safety glass for shower doors and mirrors.

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We offer local restaurants a wide selection of affordable glass options. Whether you are looking to update your existing look or wish to design a completely new interior, we are standing by to help you. Among the many products we provide are:

  • Plate glass, as well as decorative and tinted glass.
  • Energy efficient windows with the ability to decrease outside noise and reduce sun glare.
  • Custom mirrors that will increase your visual appeal and aesthetics.
  • Beautiful heavy glass tabletops. 
  • Outdoor solutions that are guaranteed to enhance the ambience.
  • Atriums and sliding doors that meet your every requirement.

At Glass Doctor of Midland we also offer an opportunity to enhance your kitchen, food delivery and service areas with glass solutions, such as drive-through windows and sneeze guards for your buffet table.

Schools and Universities

Call Glass Doctor of Midland today if you are concerned about the safety of your school or university. We are able to enhance the protection of your buildings with our glazing solution and fire-resistant glass, as well as update and retrofit your student and staff living quarters with new mirrors, shower and tub enclosures and glass doors. Our experts are able to examine and verify your glass requirements for classroom windows, doors, science laboratory, one-way observation windows, display cases and tabletops.


Realize the benefits of our retail services. At Glass Doctor of Midland, we are able to help you cut down your budget by installing low-energy and low-maintenance glass solutions. We specialize in business decor and safety glass and are able to repair or replace your storefront windows, entry doorways, display cases, shelving and dressing room mirrors, with a wide selection of specialized glass, including etched, stained and fire- and bullet-resistant options.

Hotels and Motels

By adding decorative wall mirrors, you will achieve an easy and affordable upgrade. Not only will this provide form and function, but you will also increase the ambience and visual appeal of the room. We also offer shower door options, as well as safety glass and custom mirrors for your shower, locker rooms and pool areas.

Cities and Municipalities

We will assist your city or municipality when you need industry glass repair or wish to reduce your energy and maintenance costs. Enhance your operations through commercial glass and entryways. Protect your buildings with fire-rated glass and a protective layer.

From industry glass repair to custom glass decor, our specialists at Glass Doctor of Midland will ensure that you receive the glass services and products you need, when you need them. As an extra bonus, we offer our customers a 15% discount on our auto glass services.