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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Glass Doctor® of Middletown offers the G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee, a special windshield replacement guarantee that gives our customers peace of mind. When you purchase a new windshield we include our basic G12 package free of charge. This guarantees your windshield for 12 months after installation. The basic package, the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee, covers all repairs made to your windshield within a year and the glass if you should need another replacement. This package does not include labor and installation materials on any replacement service.

You have the option of upgrading your package to the G12 Future Installation Option, which includes all replacement costs. Drivers serious about auto care will choose our G12 Value Package, which covers any repairs or replacement costs plus an application of our windshield protection treatment and new wiper blades. Our specialists will discuss the various benefits of each package during your initial service.


  • Free windshield repair for 12 months
  • One-time windshield replacement service
  • Claims must be reported to the original installation facility
  • Limited to damage caused by normal road hazards
  • Service must be completed at a Glass Doctor location


Exclusions apply to every G12 package: Damages that are caused by intentional acts, collisions, acts of God or fraud are excluded from coverage. Additionally, damages to class A motorcoaches, class 7 and 8 heavy trucks and buses are also excluded.

Contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Middletown for more details about our G12 windshield replacement guarantee, and be certain to inquire about additional coverage options as well.

Some exclusions may apply.