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Double Pane Window Repair

Middletown homes are subjected to extreme weather conditions, including frequent temperature fluctuations that homeowners must learn to adapt. These changes impact comfort levels, energy usage and the stability of the windows and glass in your home. Double pane windows can ease those challenges.

Windows that are not properly sealed or insulated let the comfortable air inside your home escape. Glass Doctor® of Middletown is a leader in designing, installing and maintaining insulated glass units (IGUs) that are specifically designed for your home. 

Insulated Glass

double pane window

Insulated glass units are designed to keep the heat and cold out of your home, making the interior climate more enjoyable for everyone. As a result, your home’s air conditioning and heating system will run less, saving energy and money.

Homes that have IGUs can still have air leak issues if the seal between the panes are broken. If a milky substance or condensation appears between the panes of your window, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Middletown have a solution for you. 

Insulated Glass Repair and Replacement

An insulated glass unit is made up of two panes of glass separated by a spacer, which helps slow the transfer of hot and cold air through the windows. Spacers can be empty or they may be filled with special gasses, such as argon or krypton, to create better-insulated windows.

The perimeter of the IGU is sealed with a specially formulated sealant to prevent condensation and other issues from impacting the functionality of the windowpanes. Glass Doctor of Middletown specializes in insulated window repair and replacement. Sometimes, an entire window replacement may not be necessary and our specialist can replace just the glass, keeping your original frame.

Upgrade your home’s windows today with Glass Doctor of Middletown! 

Keep the frame, replace the glass.