Door Closers

Properly functioning door closers have a direct impact on your operational costs, customer safety and building security. Glass Doctor® of Middletown provides door closer repair service that delivers business peace of mind. Our professionals perform maintenance and repair services according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your door closers work flawlessly.

Commercial Door Closers

Depending on the application, door closers operate from a basic premise: security and ease of use. To maximize building security, commercial doors are naturally heavier than residential ones, but an awkward, unmanageable entryway is hardly welcoming to customers or efficient for employees. Industrial grade door closers solve these challenges. A properly fit door closer will deploy a specific mechanism that leverages the weight of the door while it’s being opened, and ensures that it closes smoothly and completely within its frame.

Typical Door Closer Issues and Consequences

Certain situations either contribute to or are responsible for door closer problems. While the specific result of the problems will fluctuate in severity, if left unattended, your door closer issue will eventually compromise the security of your facility and the safety of the people who use it. Common issues include:

  • Inadequate system: Door closers that are not evaluated for your specific door weight will quickly deteriorate. The wrong type of closer makes doors difficult to open and often prevents complete closure.
  • Improper installation or adjustment: The specialized springs and hydraulics used in door closers require precise placement and installation to ensure optimum performance and longevity.
  • Internal malfunction or damage: Door closer mechanisms require periodic preventative maintenance to avoid malfunctions. The working parts inside the closer should be checked for leakages and lubricated from time to time.

Consequences of Poor Door Closer

  • Costly damage to the door frame and the door itself.
  • Imperfect locking mechanisms which increase the chance of break-in and theft.
  • Unexpected or unpredictable door movement that causes bodily injury.
  • Increased utility bills and unnecessary wear and tear to your heating and cooling system. Gaps and cracks require your HVAC system to operate at higher capacity.

The consequences of these type of issues are often exasperated by neglect, but our door closer repair service ensures your entryways are functioning properly, minimizing your maintenance headaches and business liability.

Professional Expertise

Our knowledgeable specialists have years of technical experience and are able to install, replace or restore your specific door closers. Plus, our door closer service won’t void your warranty. We offer maintenance solutions for your commercial building that lower your operational costs while improving your safety and security.

Contact Glass Doctor of Middletown to schedule a free site consultation or to arrange for door closer repair service today.