National Accounts Program

A company specializing in commercial glass care should be so much more than just a team who perform patch and fix work. A great glass repair business ought to put the customer first, guaranteeing customer service of the highest quality as well as conducting fine glass renovation. Glass Doctor® of Miami is the kind of glass repair business that the people of Miami-Dade County deserve. We work to address the individual needs of every business, and offer them the opportunity to take advantage of our national presence through an exclusive National Account membership.

Signing up for the national business repair accounts program will open business to a variety of fantastic benefits that’ll save you huge amounts of money in the long run. All you need to do is contact one of our representatives. Our friendly staff members will be more than happy to discuss the kind of advantages the national business repair accounts program can deliver you and your building, whether you’re a business owner who’s just starting out or one who’s been operating for years.

National Account Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Price Discounts: After becoming a member of the national business repair accounts program, you’ll be entitled to numerous price discounts on all kinds of commercial glass repair work. These cost cuts begin at 10%, and reach up to 30% in many cases, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  • Simple, Easy Account Management & Billing: Being a member of the national accounts business program makes all matters surrounding glass repair work much easier to deal with and understand. Settling bills is simple and easy thanks to our centralized billing address, which is the same no matter which Glass Doctor location performs the service. Joining opens businesses to a standardized pricing menu, so the price rates remain the same no matter where you are operating or seeking service.
  • Real Time Management Reporting: It’s so easy to lose track of any repair work requests amid the frantic day-to-day dealings of business. Becoming a national accounts member will allow you to stay organized, up to date and view with all work summaries, requests and invoices.
  • Priority Response Times: Any business that suffers damaged glass will require immediate attention. After signing up to the national business repair accounts program, our team will put your business’ requests first, so you’ll enjoy priority response and more flexible scheduling when you get in touch.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Our team works around the clock, allowing all our exclusive national business repair accounts members to contact us at any time and still receive a prompt response. Broken glass can’t be left unattended throughout the night, and after one call our team will be there in a matter of minutes to perform a professional emergency repair.

Discover more about what the terrific National Accounts program is able to do for you by contacting Glass Doctor of Miami today at 786-516-2642.