Clear Choice Protectant

Whether you've recently remodeled or hope to preserve the beauty of your original fixtures, Clear Choice™ glass treatment is the perfect solution for keeping your home clean and free of grime and germs. Glass Doctor® of Memphis experts will show you how Clear Choice protects not only glass, but any silica-based hard surface in your home. With one application, Clear Choice glass treatment will shield your surfaces for up to five years.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water stains, scratches and daily wear damage your fixtures. Tub enclosures and mirrors get grimy. Porcelain gets dingy. Tiles becomes vulnerable to mildew and dirt down in minute cracks. Over time, no matter how hard you scrub, the hard surfaces in your bathroom become damaged. Clear Choice glass treatment protects your tub, glass, sink and other hard surfaces from:

  • Hard water etching
  • Mineral buildup
  • Pollutants in the air and water
  • Everyday weathering

Protect Your Time

The patented Clear Choice system creates an ultra-smooth barrier on all protected surfaces. When the professionals at Glass Doctor of Memphis apply it to your toilets, glass, sink and tiles it makes those surfaces resistant to oil and water as well as damage. What that means for you is easier cleaning and a healthier home.

Microscopic scratches and etching in hard surfaces throughout your home attract dirt and give mold and mildew a place to hide and grow. Over time, damage to the surfaces makes them almost impossible to get all the way clean. The smooth surface of Clear Choice glass treatment solves this problem in two ways:

  • First, it reduces the scratches and dings that lead to increased particle deposits on your surfaces.
  • Second, the oil and water resistance of the barrier means that most substances wipe right off the surface without scrubbing reducing the time it takes to clean. Best of all, this means there is also less need for harsh cleaners to protect your family from germs and mildew.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Get set up with the professionals at Glass Doctor of Memphis today to start enjoying:

  • Less frequent bathroom cleaning
  • Less mold and bacteria
  • Glossy bathroom surfaces due to fewer scratches and dings
  • No more hard water etching
  • A more environmentally friendly cleaning routine

Clear choice from Glass Doctor of Memphis is the clear choice for keeping your bathroom beautiful. Contact us today either by phone or by filling out an online request form.