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Auto Glass Care

Traveling life’s highways can result in a chipped or cracked windshield that may require the help of Glass Doctor® of Memphis, professionals in auto glass repair and replacement. Our specialists can have you back on the road in a hurry. Whether your auto glass needs a repair or replacement, a Glass Doctor specialist will assess the damage and provide the best solution and an accurate cost estimate.

Windshield Repair

Call Glass Doctor of Memphis as soon as possible when you notice windshield damage. Small windshield cracks can quickly become big problems. If glass repair is not performed quickly, the crack can spread and become a safety hazard. According to the Auto Safety Glass Council (ASGC), windshield glass represents up to 60% of a vehicle’s architectural strength in a rollover accident. Immediate auto glass repair is important to the overall safety of the driver and passengers. Also repair should be accomplished quickly to prevent accumulation of dirt in the damaged area, which would require a full replacement.

Glass Doctor of Memphis can usually perform glass repair in less than one hour if the chip is less than 3/8 inch or a crack is less than three inches long. The process requires cleaning to remove accumulations of dirt, injecting a clear resin, and buffing the area to make the repair as invisible as possible.

Your insurance company frequently reimburses auto glass repair, even though the cost may be below the deductible. Glass Doctor of Memphis will file the claim on your behalf. We suggest checking with your insurance company first to determine if the glass repair is eligible.

Windshield Replacement

If the existing damage is not repairable, Glass Doctor of Memphis will professionally replace your broken glass with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshield. Glass Doctor is trained to adhere by auto glass replacement standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council and uses only AGSC-approved adhesive materials and procedures.

The Replacement Process

Once the damaged windshield is removed, the windshield frame is thoroughly cleaned before the new adhesive and the windshield is placed. Once in place, there is a required one-hour waiting time to ensure the windshield has completely bonded.

At this time, the specialist at Glass Doctor of Memphis will review the G12®Windshield twelve-month guarantee. If normal road damage should occur to your new windshield within the first 12 months, Glass Doctor will repair or replace it.

Additional Automotive Glass Services

Glass Doctor of Memphis can render expert auto glass repair and replacement for any windows in your old car or even those larger windows in your RV.

Tinted Glass is a major deterrent to the harmful UV rays that can fade or damage materials in your car or RV. Glass Doctor of Memphis will provide window tinting services that extend the life of your vehicle and make your travel through sunny climates more comfortable.

Our Values

Glass Doctor specialists embrace our Code of Values that include Respect, Integrity and Customer Focus. These values ensure that we treat each phase of our interaction with the utmost in professionalism and honesty.

Call Glass Doctor of Memphis today to schedule an appointment with our auto glass specialists!